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If you want access to hundreds, if not thousands, of free movies online, you can. I have top three recommendations as to where you can watch free movies online over and over again. Dig in to the list and start having a great time watching these movies with your friends and loved ones.

As its name says, the movies in this site are offered in torrent forms, which actually make them fast and easy to download. If you don’t know what a torrent file is, it’s under the umbrella of a very well-known peer to peer file distribution system. Before you can download a movie in its torrent form, you need to have a torrent client first – it is a no-nonsense software that is responsible in managing all your torrent uploads and downloads.

Examples of a torrent client are uTorrent, BitPump, BitLet, etc. In order to find movies that are in torrent forms, use a torrent search engine like Piratebay, TorrentZ, KAT, etc. If you want to watch free movies but the ones you want are hard to find especially those classic movies, then you should look for it in public domain torrents.

This site has thousands of high quality videos available in a wide array of categories. When looking for your favorite movie, use the ALL selection in the stead of FEATURED in order to get a view of the bigger picture of the movies that Joost offers. You can also sort the contents by clicking the drop-down arrow under SORT BY so you can filter the contents alphabetically, or by popularity or what’s recently added.

When using Joost, it’s best to register for an account so that you can also have the option to chat with other site members and talk about the videos and films you are passionate about. Rest assured that this site is one of those that are easy to navigate whenever you want to watch free movies everyday and anytime.

This site has evolved into being one of the best websites to watch free movies from. Not only movies, by the way. You can also find your favorite TV shows here, including documentaries or video clips. Some people do not even mind missing their favorite episodes on TV because they can watch a re-run any time in HULU. What’s best about HULU is that all of its multimedia content is offered in the highest of quality.

This site started last 2007 and its first users are by invitation only. It did not open for public use until 2008. Their media comes from a wide range of providers like ABC, NBC, PBS, SyFy Network, Oxygen, and Style. By the year 2010, the site premiered its HULU Plus subscription which allows a certain user to have access to a lot more multimedia contents including full seasons of their favorite TV series. If you have an internet TV device, you will also be able to watch HULU on your TV set at home.

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