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It’s nice to watch movies in a theatre especially because of its larger than life feature and amazing surround sounds that make you feel as if you are in the middle of everything that is happening on the wide screen. Except for the larger than life feature, you can actually experience the same feeling when you watch free movies online at the comfort of your own home with no other viewers annoyingly chatting around you or talking loudly on the phone.

The only thing I don’t like when watching movies in a theater is when the place is too unkempt, and when it’s a full house and you are seated closely next to a complete stranger. It’s no wonder why I fell in love on watching free online movies. If you know where to look, you can get the same high quality pictures and sounds you get in theatres and enjoy it with only those that you want to watch it with, plus the option of adjusting the movie settings according to your own wish and finally watching it relaxed in your own couch with your seat up on the table.

Also, unlike watching movies on theaters wherein when you miss an important part because you had to pee you had to wait until the movie comes full circle in order to watch that part again, watching free movies online can be paused anytime if nature calls or if you need to answer an important phone call, then play the movie back again whenever you are ready. Another good reason to prefer watching movies online is to save yourself from ticket or video rental money.

Instead of spending extra cash on movie tickets, why not gather your friends over to your house and spend the movie ticket or video rental money on some chips and dips or popcorn and soda while watching the movie in the comfort of your home. Another perk when watching movies online is that when you get into a part in the movie that is really funny or interesting, you can easily hit rewind to be able to watch that part over and over again. It’s also very easy to find your favorite movies because you can look for it in alphabetical order or by its genre. It takes nothing more than a laptop or a desktop and an internet connection in order to start enjoying a wide array of free movies online.

However, when looking for free movies online, one needs to be really careful as to what sites he is going to watch it from. Keep in mind that there are a lot of websites that can attack your computer through using different types of harmful programs or viruses even if you already have a reliable anti-virus installed.

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