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There are lots of websites online that offer a free movie download. The question is: how safe are these websites? I have been to a lot of free movie downloading attempts on different kinds of websites only to be led to a hundred other web pages asking you to download a certain application in order to get the elusive free movie download. After going through a lot of web pages in order to get to that free download, the site would congratulate for being one step closer from downloading all your favorite movies for free, but the so called one more step involves asking for your credit number and email address – what’s up with that, huh? But fret no more, I finally have found a sure fire way to get a free movie download without the unnecessary hassles!

Graboid is a perfect application wherein you can get free movie downloads and it’s currently becoming one of the sought-after file transfer applications despite the tight competition. It is an all-in-one video app that can search, download or play video files straight to your PC. Its video database is so impressive because it can offer not only movies but TV shows as well in different genres. Don’t mistake it for a torrent site because Graboid, unlike these torrent sites, can assure you of high quality files that can seamlessly run offline or online.

Graboid’s niche focuses only on file transfers and video streaming, which is why it can offer an impressively fast download. As a user, you have the option to watch videos offline or view it online. Just like some video sharing sites YouTube, Graboid also has an integrated playback feature but what makes it different is its capacity to eliminate the buffering that annoyingly doubles the playback time on videos found in websites such as YouTube.

If and when you decide to download the Graboid application, make sure that your PC meets the system requirements prior to downloading. Your PC needs to be up-to-date and has a dedicated video card. Your hard drive should hold at least five gigs of downloadable files. You also need to have an adjustable screen resolution so that it can complement the video settings of whatever movie you want to watch. The primary consideration should be your internet connection – if you only have a Dial-Up connection, viewing videos from Graboid isn’t possible. A broadband connection is preferable with at least a connection speed of 1mbps. Download Graboid now to enjoy an unlimited offer of a free movie download.

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