Free Movie Download Sites

Do you enjoy watching movies? But sometimes you’re too busy to have time to go to the movie theater to catch the latest movie releases? Or you have missed a lot of recent movies and need a lot of catch-ups to do?

The internet is such a growing system where we can do almost anything possible from social networking, making reports and even downloading movies to watch your favorite movies from a free movie download sites.

There are actually a lot of ways to download you favorite movies online. We have through direct downloads, one click hosting, BitTorrent, etc.

One-click hosting

Through one-click hosting, users can easily upload one or more files from their hard drive and share it to anyone for free in just a click. This one click hosting, also referred as cyberlocker, can share different files from documents, picture, music and yes – movies.

A sample one-click hosting free movie download sites you can try and enjoy is RapisShare. RapidShare is a Swiss owned company website where users can have a pay and free service for file sharing. Every file uploaded is given a unique download URL, which are needed for anyone to download the file. Without this download URL you will not be able to download the file.

RapisShare is more of a file hosting website rather than a free movie download site. But as much as you can enjoy other files, you can also download your free movies here when you have the download URL, which a user usually share and post in YouTube.

Direct Downloads

Direct downloads also digital distribution and online distribution allow anyone to directly download a content file via the internet directly to a consumer’s device. The content may be streamed or downloaded.

You can try DivX Crawler. DivX crawler is a no cost movie download site allowing to you directly download your movie, software or music videos. Divx crawler is also up to date so you can always check there any latest movie you wish to see. The videos they offer only take up to 700 mb for 1 movie and are on high quality video format compressed in a DivX technology.

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